The new Mestalla has been standing for twelve years

The works of the new Valencia CF stadium they are twelve years of inactivity this Thursday There is no sign of the will on the part of the club’s board of directors to retake them despite pressure from the Generalitat and the city council to reactivate them.

The The date coincides with the trip to Singapore of the president of the entity, Anil Murthy, to meet with the highest shareholder, Peter lim, at a juncture in which, according to various news items, one of the topics on the agenda is the unfinished stadium, despite the fact that the club has not officially reported this circumstance.

The last episode of the half-built stadium was the appearance this weekend of a banner on one of its fences in which you could read “Meriton this is your tumb ”(Meriton – name of the company by which Lim controls Valencia – this is your tomb), which was removed hours after being placed.

On February 25, 2009, the then president of the club, Vicente Soriano, announced the stoppage of the works that had started a year and a half earlier due to lack of liquidity to continue them.

Since then, all the club’s boards of directors have expressed their willingness to resume the project, but financing issues, the need to make it cheaper or difficulties to sell the plot of the current Mestalla they have become insurmountable inconveniences.

While for a long time there was no frontality between the public powers and the club, lately the situation has changed and both the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the mayor of the city, Joan Ribó, have criticized the passivity of Valencia CF to when solving a problem that transcends the club as it has urban and public implications.

In September 2020 there were meetings between Murthy and the politicians Valencians in which the representative of the club did not go beyond good words. Ribó has expressed publicly the need for Valencia to finish the field and their desire to “not go from concern to outrage” at the inaction of the entity. Although this opinion was in the public domain, Murthy claimed that he had not heard her.

Both Ribó and the vice mayor, Sandra GómeThey recalled that on May 15 of this year the time for the club, promoter of the Strategic Territorial Action (ATE) that affects the work, to comply with its obligations because otherwise, the Administration would take action.

Ribó ruled out the extension of the ATE and Gómez highlighted that the work cannot remain unfinished, since it supposes, among other things, a bad image for the Benicalap neighborhood, where it is located.

In this context, there is no sign that Valencia, a club paralyzed in sports, institutions and in its relations with the environment, plan to take a step forward despite the fact that the current situation weakens the economy of a battered entity.

In the environment, with no foundation other than intuition, there is the feeling that from now on Valencia can adopt a strategy to lengthen a process that seems irreversible and that is conditioned by the date of May 15, before some interlocutors who expect more than words.