The new life of Jeff Bezos, the second richest man in the world, after leaving Amazon

Jeff bezos, who for years has been the richest man in the world, embarks on a new stage in his career after having created, from a modest online bookstore, one of the most thriving companies on the planet: Amazon. Now the founder of the online commerce giant will dedicate himself to the space race and philanthropy.

Above all, he wants to focus on his particular space career and prepare to travel space with the New Shepard suborbital rocket from the Blue Origin company.

At the age of 57, the businessman will leave his position as CEO to Andy Jassy to pursue other projects, beginning with a trip to space on July 20. He will maintain a key role in the company he founded 27 years ago and will remain as executive chairman of its board of directors.

He is leaving at a time when Amazon, which employs more than 800,000 people in the United States after seeing its activity take off even more during the pandemic, faces much criticism from worker advocates and regulators.

Thanks to Amazon, businessman Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world for several years, until he was surpassed by the Frenchman Bernard Arnault, and he was the first to reach a personal fortune of 100,000,000 million dollars.

Among the tasks in which it will turn is the newspaper The Washington Post; Day 1 Fund, a non-profit organization that starts Montessori schools in needy communities; the Bezos Earth Background, which deals with counteracting the effects of climate change; an investment fund in innovation and Blue Origin, the aerospace company he founded in 2000 to put space travel at the service of individuals. With it you will conquer a milestone and a wish: the first manned launch of the New Shepard rocket, in which he will travel with his brother and a third crew member (an auction was organized to choose him).

In addition, he maintains a stable relationship with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, Who she could have been engaged to months ago. He starred with her about two years ago in a media earthquake that came when the news of the end of his 25-year marriage with MacKenzie.