The new illusion of Lara Álvarez: the Canarian surfer who occupies her heart

Bad news for the ‘fans’ (of the male gender) of Lara Alvarez. And is that the heart of the Asturian is back occupied. At least that’s what the magazine has published exclusively ‘Ten minutes’ on its cover this Wednesday.

According to the publication, the two met just a month ago, when Lara attended, along with the rest of the presenters of ‘Survivors’, to a surf center in Madrid to record the controversial ‘promo’ of the latest edition of the ‘reality’.

Apparently he was in charge of teaching Lara to dominate the waves and the journalist was completely captivated. The lucky one is a surf teacher Canary name (or rather nickname) “Pana” than in the biography of his account Instagram He is most proud of being a Canarian: “Fleje, golfo, chacho, cholas …”, you can read.

‘Ten minutes’ goes one step further and ensures that Lara is “Excited and happy”, although it clarifies that “Prefer to go slowly”. Something very normal considering that the one from Gijón has not had much luck in love (or yes, depending on how you look at it).

Recall that his last known relationship was with the artist Adrian Torres. In fact, last summer they could be seen traveling the Portuguese coast in a caravan like two real lovebirds.

Lara Álvarez and Adrián Torres were also photographed in Formentera.