The new Adidas campaign everyone is talking about

From this month of March it is already possible to compare through the web and the physical stores of Adidas the new collection of sportswear that the multinational has developed together with the designer Stella mccartney. To promote the garments, Adidas has counted on Leila Davis, a famous pole dance dancer who has become the face of the collection.

Through your official account Instagram, the brand has published the photographs with which to advertise the new garments it has designed with Stella McCartney. But, far from looking at the clothes, many have noticed the hair that the model wears in the photographs. A bet of the brand to normalize it in the female body.

The publication has received a multitude of comments of all kinds: from those who applaud the fact that Adidas bet on these types of philosophies, such as those who harshly criticize the brand claiming that it is “disgusting”.

Such is the stir caused that the own Leila davis, protagonist of the photographs, wanted to express his opinion through his Twitter account attaching an image in which he collects some of the messages he has received: “So a brand publishes some beautiful photos of me and, since I have hair on armpits, people feel DEPRESSED! You do realize that it grows there naturally, right? If it’s that hard, send me your address and I’ll send you some decorations on my ass. ”