The networks call for the expulsion of Ferre after his aggressiveness in ‘La Casa Fuerte’

There were many followers of ‘Survivors’ which ensured that the true character of Jaime Ferre It was not the one seen on the island of Honduras. In fact, this Wednesday, during the daily summary of ‘The Strong House’, reality show in which he currently participates, it has been seen how the Andalusian lost his papers and exposed his aggressiveness.

Núria Marín brought a new culinary test to the house, where participating couples competed for cook the best paella and the most succulent tiramisu. The fight originated when Ferre and his girlfriend Cristina began to argue during cooking and Maite Galdeano he jumped in defense of the young woman. “How it squeals, hey!”exclaimed the one from Pamplona after Ferre’s screams.

The former ‘Supershore’ contestant had his cables instantly crossed and quickly went to confront Sofía Suescun’s mother. “Look Maite, don’t get into my and my girlfriend’s conversations. Don’t heat my eggs! ”he threatened. To which Cristian Suescun jumped to reassure Ferre, making him even more angry: “Don’t get into conversations! Neither calm nor shit! ”the contestant yelled out of his mind.

He tense episode It has been widely criticized among the viewers of the program and there have even been those who have asked for the disciplinary expulsion, as “You can’t tolerate that aggressiveness on television.”

“The relationship he has with his girlfriend is toxic from manual” or “Ferre is energetic, aggressive, yelling at his girlfriend, Maite and Cristian. It is a devilish doll. On the street”Are some of the many criticisms that netizens have written on Twitter.