The networks attack ‘Pasapalabra’ for what they did with Pablo Díaz: ‘Go tongazo’

Pablo Diaz He was only one correct answer a few weeks ago from taking the pot ofPass the word‘. Since then, the Tenerife contestant has continued at the foot of the canyon accumulating more money in his personal bag.

Day after day, the canary faces the final rosco with the intention of taking the first pot of the new era of the contest on Antena 3. Now, he must see their faces with Javier Davila, a popular contestant who was already on the show years ago and who has managed to put him on the ropes on occasion.

The face to face between the two participants are so interesting that many viewers comment through social networks everything they Roberto Leal question and the answers given by both Javier and Pablo. Therefore, they did not ignore what happened in the last program and did not hesitate to show their indignation on Twitter.

Pablo Díaz in ‘Pasapalabra’

But what happened? When to Pablo Diaz He had only 46 seconds left to play in the final rosco and three letters still to be answered, the Tenerife-born decided to let time run until the end and not risk giving an incorrect answer. But, before the minute hand reached 0, the canary uttered some controversial words: “Jo, it takes a long time.”

The complaints of the spectators are due to the fact that, according to the rules of the contest, the participants can only respond “pass word”When the answer is not known. And it is that the contest takes into account any word that is pronounced and is determined as a failure. Although, in the case of Diaz, they overlooked it.