The NBA already has a possible restart date for the season, July 31

According to the journalist ShamsCharania by The Athletic, the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, has informed the board of franchise owners of the NBA, the Board of Governors, that the objective is to resume the 2019-20 season, suspended by the pandemic of coronavirus, Friday, July 31.

Silver has had numerous contacts with team owners, general managers and players since the NBA it was suspended on March 11 and in recent weeks all those talks have already focused on the details that will allow playing again.

Currently, 24 NBA teams have already reopened their facilities so that players can re-train. There are only six that have not yet done so. The recreational complex Walt Disney World in Orlando, continues to be seen as the big favorite to host the season’s restart games.

If the competition finally resumes on July 31, the idea is that it does not end beyond October. Initially, the dates being considered were to start on July 15 and end the first week of September, but those deadlines have been changed, giving teams more time to prepare for the restart.

What has not yet been determined is if the 30 teams would return to the court to finish a shorter regular season or if there will be fewer teams or if a multi-group format would be chosen, with subsequent crossovers.

What is evident is that this movement of dates of the NBA It implies that the next season will start later than usual, possibly in December, something that will clearly clash with the schedule of the Tokyo Olympics, which have been rescheduled to take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021. It will also have many implications in the present and future of many players not only from the NBA but also of Europe.