The ‘natural position’ of the hands bundles the referees

“The criteria regarding the hands is clear, but the referees are sometimes wrong,” he said this week.
Carlos Velasco Carballo
on the play that continues to involve the most controversy in football. The exercise of pedagogy on the part of the director of the Referees Technical Committee, but an adjective (natural) or its opposite (unnatural) the brown bundle and turns the criterion into a subjective appreciation. Hence, the errors. The following are sanctioned: accidental hands prior to goal, deliberate hands, at shoulder height and in an unnatural position. Hands close or close to the body, those resting on the ground or tending to support, are not penalized if they play the ball previously and the natural position. The last assumption is the one that rides the chicken.

On the other hand,
, as coach of the Barça, regretted on multiple occasions that the referee stopped the game for so long when the VAR intervened. This week,
Carlos Clos Gomez
, director of the VAR project, gave us the exact information. On average, the game takes 121 seconds. More than two minutes than the same
He said it was exaggerated. Specifically, if there is a consultation from the referee to the monitor, the average time is already 132 seconds.

I was right. It is very improvable. In the Premier and in the Champions it is decided much faster.