‘The national team was a club of bad, white and rich girls’

Alone claims that he encountered some hostility when he first entered the United States national team. “When you grow up in the national team you meet a club of ‘bad girls’,” he told the BBC podcast The Players. “Most of the players come from rich white families. That’s the culture of the women’s national team. It is a very privileged white culture ”.

The legendary former US goalkeeper continues: “I remember Carli Lloyd and I would always talk about it and say ‘We have to change this culture.’ She and I were very welcoming, we were not bully. We were very nice to the girls who came ”.

She only says that she felt rejected when she first joined the national team. “People weren’t nice to us, they weren’t welcoming, they didn’t invite you to sit at the table. It was difficult for me to grow up in the national team on a social level, ”he said.

Now everything is different: “It’s a much more open and welcome environment, it’s an easier transition, but I don’t think that helps develop character in many of these younger athletes either. Now they have the way paved most of the time. You can’t push them the same way that you used to push before to make it really competitive. It’s a completely different environment and I don’t think it’s always a good thing. I think it creates softer athletes. “

Lloyd, who was alongside Solo on the podcast, admitted that other players had made her cry when she first joined the team. But, like Solo, she believes that environment helped her harden. “I say to these young players, ‘Now you have it a little easier.’ It is a much more welcoming environment for them. Before, you fought with claws. But that’s what made the team great for so many years. It was not easy”.