The MotoGP cracks get wet on Pedro Acosta

The leader of the Moto3 World Championship and great sensation of the championship Pedro Acosta has been one of the protagonists of the official press conference of the GP of Spain. He had a good chat with Marc Márquez, all his colleagues in the conference room congratulated him and he acknowledged that “a few minutes ago before entering I was nervous, but if I am here, we are working well”.

I wanted to hear the Moto3 leader, but also the rest of the protagonists talk about the Moto3 leader, all praise, and the Murcian recognized that “now I am more relaxed. When you hear that is good. You have to keep enjoying yourself, keep a cool head, I’m living a dream because you don’t think you can win races and make podiums in your first races, but we work very well with the team “


“Fernando, one of my mechanics, is from the Murcia area and sometimes he meets him to train and, when he was in the Rookies Cup, he was already talking to me about him and I sometimes came to wish him luck, because he seemed like a pretty kid. right and I liked it. I went to see him a few times and wish him luck before the races. What he’s doing this first year is brutal. It has no pressure. He comes here to enjoy himself and you can see that he enjoys riding the bike. He is enjoying himself a lot and does what he wants with others. I’m very happy. It is true that he drives in a different way. The same is not so elegant, but very effective. It is brutal. The others are beginning to have more respect for him and he is not a normal rookie. He is leading a championship with quite a few points in the third race. I can only say good words about him. This kid will surely have a good future “


“I have spoken with him before the press conference. His riding is good, he is fast and that is evident in the results and that is why he is here among MotoGP riders at 16 years of age. It is a bit difficult to accept because perhaps it is too much pressure, but it is what I told him: “Forget everything and think at the moment, that you are a young talent.” If you win on Sunday or finish in the top five or top ten you will also be very good as it is your first year and it is time to enjoy yourself. It is the advice I have given him after putting pressure on himself and apart from that congratulations because he is driving in an incredible way and it will come very soon. I will or will try to be there with him “

“You already know my philosophy, which is none other than going step by step and when you already feel that Moto3 is too small for you to go to Moto2, so on, go to MotoGP. That was my path and I don’t think it is his decision when he is only 16 years old, it will be the decision of his team and his people, but it is true that it is what I have said before, let him pilot, have fun, which is what more important. All of us have burned too many too young drivers by exerting too much pressure, but at the moment he is enjoying himself, he is 16 years old and can win this championship, but it is difficult to accept and assimilate the plan that you are making at 16 years old. He is one of the Moto3 and championship riders. The best thing is that you keep driving and enjoy yourself, and it will come ”


“He is only 16 years old, this is his fourth race and he needs to enjoy himself and not be worried about his future, it is too early to think about MotoGP, but he has a great future”

“I did not have the same start as him, I never won a moto3 race, I cannot say too much, he is only 16 years old, he is super fast and I only advise him to enjoy himself and be him, it is normal that now the media are going after him, but the best thing is enjoy and he is doing very well, without pressure and if he is top-10 nothing happens, enjoy his first year “


“Of course, you have to recommend that he keep his feet on the ground, but Pedro is different. I’ve never seen anything like it. Fenati did something similar, but this is different, because that was at the start of Moto3. What Pedro has done has not been seen before. He doesn’t look like he’s 16 years old. He looks focused and that he is not here to play. The next steps depend on him. Feet on the ground, but also listening to what the body asks of it “

Pedro Acosta (second from the right) at his first official MotoGP press conference


“He got off to an impressive start, because he is at the top of the standings and has finished second, first and first, so his impact on the Moto3 World Championship has been enormous. He’s done incredible races, he won from the pit lane, so it’s very impressive for everyone. What do I think of him being a Schwantz fan? It’s great, I’m also a big fan of Kevin Schwantz and it’s a ‘vintage’ choice, because I think Schwantz stopped driving in ’94 and I think he was born 10 years later. (Laughs) Obviously you’ve seen old 500cc videos. It is an interesting choice for a young rider ”