The most unfortunate tweet by Miguel Frigenti for which he had to apologize: ‘I’m sorry’

Monumental mess with the latest tweet from Miguel Frigenti. Since the documentary by Rocío Carrasco, the collaborator of Telecinco has not hesitated to show his animosity for Antonio David Flores and his entire family, as well as for Olga Moreno, who is competing in ‘Survivors‘.

During the last days, the couple of the former civil guard has become one of the main protagonists for their alleged theft of food. Along these lines, the collaborator of Telecinco wrote an ill-advised comment for which he has been harshly criticized in recent hours.

“If you steal children, aren’t you going to steal food?” He wrote during the last gala. Although, minutes later, he had to delete the message because of the obvious blunder. However, it was late and much of the followers of the program had captured the message.

Just one day later and seeing the great commotion caused, the very Miguel Frigenti He went back to his Instagram account to explain himself and apologize: “I deeply regret that my tweet yesterday was not understood from humor or that the term used was taken at face value and not as a stylistic exaggeration. I apologize to whoever may have offended ”.

Finally, he added that “it seems that I was not correct, but this cannot in any way justify the excessive attacks, insults and threats that I have been receiving since then. I said, a thousand apologies ”.