The Mirandés punishes a gray Rayo Vallecano

A goal from Christ Gonzalez at 72 minutes he allowed the Mirandés add three points in Vallecas In front of a Lightning who did not end up thrashed by the good performance of his goalkeeper, the Macedonian Stole Dimitrievski, who saved his team with several interventions that would have meant a major defeat.

After two games absent, Jose Alberto Lopez returned to sit on the bench Mirandés after overcoming the coronavirus and spending a few days hospitalized. From the sideline, he saw how his players fulfilled his instructions to try to be protagonists and to deal with each other. Lightning.

The Madrid team was surprised by such a daring approach from their rival, who pressed with the very advanced lines preventing that from the midfielder Jose Angel Pozo, the most imaginative player of the Lightning, had a lot of trouble moving his team’s attack.

The Burgos team was the first to have a clear chance to score. He did it after an individual play by Pablo Martínez, who leaned on Christ Gonzalez to make a wall, and that ended with a saving stop from Stole Dimitrievski in hand to hand.

In the other area Raúl Lizoain It was no less and he also wanted his share of prominence when shortly after, in another heads-up with Pozo, he made a save that avoided the first goal of the Lightning.

In the second half the clear occasions happened again. First They lived He took an action from Álvaro García on the goal line and shortly after Pablo Martínez met again with Dimitrievski, who again saved his team with a stop under the sticks after a header.

The daring of Mirandés He had a prize in the 72nd minute, when Rayo poorly defended a play without apparent danger that ended with the ball at Christ’s feet, who turned around inside the area to launch a shot that surprised everyone from below. Dimitrievski.

The Canarian striker was able to extend his team’s advantage before the end with another shot that was returned by the Macedonian goalkeeper, the best of the match by a Lightning that ended the final minutes besieging the Mirandés with all his offensive potential on the grass but without creating excessive danger.

With the victory the Mirandés ranks tenth with 47 points, very close to its goal of permanence, while Rayo remains sixth with 55, six above the seventh classified, the Girona.

[+] See the summary of the match:

0 – Rayo Vallecano: Dimitrievski; Mario Hernández, Saveljich (Montiel, m.79), Catena, Fran García; Isi Palazón (Baby, m.65), Mario Suárez (Valentín, m.71), Comesaña, Álvaro García; Well (Qasmi, m.71); and Guerrero (Andrés Martín, m.65).

1 – Mirandés: Lizoain; Víctor Gómez, Vivian, Berrocal (Genaro, m.80), Carlos Julio Martínez; Javi Muñoz, Meseguer; Moha, Caballero (Alex López, m.78), Pablo Martínez; and Cristo González (Barco, m.87).

Goals: 0-1: M.72 Christ.

Referee: Rafael Sánchez López (Murcian Committee). He admonished Álvaro García (m.55) and Mario Hernández (90), from Rayo.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 35 of the SmartBank League, played behind closed doors and without an audience at the Vallecas stadium in Madrid.