The Miami GP would enter through the Spanish GP, according to the US media

Last Sunday it was confirmed that the first Miami Grand Prix will enter the 2022 calendar after the agreement closed for ten years between the promoters of the race and the championship. Stefano Domenicali further confirmed that the 2022 F1 calendar will feature 23 races like this year, which points to an existing round being retired. And given the obsession of those responsible for the ‘Circus’ for making compliments to the ‘Eurocentrism’ of this sport, the harmed will be a European event. According to the American media It would be the Spanish GP at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit because it does not have a signed contract for beyond 2021.

The layout of the circuit that will be built around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to host an F-1 World Championship race from 2022

No date has been announced for the Florida state race, but for logistical reasons it is likely to be held alongside other North American rounds since it would not make sense to cross the Atlantic three times. This could be after the current United States race in Austin, at the end of the season, and continue touring to Mexico and Brazil or paired with the Canadian Grand Prix, which usually takes place in early June. An earlier plan to host the race this year, one of many failed attempts to get the event going, pointed to a May date.

“Having two races in the United States means that we have taken the right direction for our strategy going forward. We will keep the two grand prizes separate to give adequate space for both, and this is really crucial. We always said that the United States is a very important area in which we need to develop our business. There are many opportunities. We are proud that after a difficult 2020, we are laying the foundation for an incredible future for F1 and this is a milestone that we all wanted to achieve, ”explained Domenicalli to the US media at Imola.

And Domenicali recognized that this new Grand Prix will cause one of the European events to be eliminated. “I think it is a possibility to consider because we have to be realistic, we cannot have so many weekends in F1,” he said in statements collected by the website.

Last Saturday it was confirmed that for the second consecutive year the GP of Spain will be held on May 7, 8 and 9 without public, within the framework of public health measures to contain the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and after PROCICAT communicated to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya that the celebration of the Grand Prix could not be carried out under the conditions established in the protocol of access to the public, which represents a severe economic blow. If last year they did not have to pay a royalty, but they did have to face the expenses derived from the organization, this time the extension of the contract for 2021 demanded in exchange to face the millionaire canon.