The Mallorca fans ‘invade’ the center of Palma to celebrate their promotion

About three hundred Mallorca fans celebrated their promotion to LaLiga Santander on Tuesday in the central streets of the Balearic capital shortly after the defeat of Almería in Cartagena (3-2), which certified the return of the vermilion to the Santander League.

The fans gathered in the so-called ‘Plaza de las Tortugas’, despite the fact that access to this well-known enclave, the usual venue for the triumph celebrations, was closed shortly before by the Local Police to avoid crowds.

Wearing the Mallorcan shirt, with flags, flares and singing songs, the fans gave free rein to joy at the team’s return to the top flight of Spanish football.

A group of supporters had gathered a few hours earlier at the Visit Mallorca Estadi to witness the Cartagena-Almería match.

“We are from the First Division. It was hard, too. Far from us and many of you are no longer. We have returned ”, wrote the Balearic club on social networks in direct reference to the closure of football stadiums and to the members who died from the covid-19 pandemic.

The vermilion entity also published a video of the players “holding” coach Luis García Plaza at the team’s concentration in Tenerife, where tomorrow he will face the local team with promotion in his pocket.

The footballers, all wearing masks, chanted songs from “A Primera oé” and also heard “Amath (Ndiayé) stay” directed to the Senegalese striker on loan from Getafe.

García Plaza also gave vent to his joy by shouting, excited, “Ohh Mallorca, Mallorca” while being embraced by his players.

One of the first clubs in the Santander League to congratulate Mallorca was FC Barcelona. “Congratulations on your promotion today. See you next season, ”said the Barça entity on twitter.

The Spanish Olympic Committee and the Royal Spanish Football Federation, among others, also added to the Mallorcan joy.

The promotion party is expected to continue in the coming days with a visit to public institutions in the Balearic Islands and a meeting with the 4,086 fans who will witness the match against Real Zaragoza on Monday at the Son Moix stadium.