The long-awaited relay on Olympus

They were already four decades carrying the immense honor and also the weight of being the heroes of a hobby that did not find heirs in successive generations, until the arrival of the ambitious, talented and powerful troop led by Imanol, the ‘Sheriff
Boys‘. The achievement of the Copa del Rey in 2021 by this contemporary Royal is a shock for those heroes of the eighties who accumulated four of the six titles that appear in the Royal’s showcases in its 112 years of history. Arconada, Zamora, Lopez
Ufarte, Górriz, Gajate Y Bakero are the six legendary players who won the two league titles, the first Super Cup and the second Cup. Now they welcome the Olympus of the Gods txuri urdin Oyarzabal, Merino, Remiro, You
Normand, For your and company, who have already acquired the condition of immortal, as are the now sixties and eternal txapeldunak.

These are days of celebration and nostalgia. Three weeks after the ecstasy of La Cartuja, today marks the 39th anniversary of the second league title and tomorrow will be when the first, the one that changed the history of Real forever, celebrates its 40th anniversary, both with Ormaetxea as coach.

On April 25, 1982, a day like today 39 years ago, La Real came out with Arconada; Zelaieta, Gorriz, Kortabarria, Elysium
Murillo; Diego, Alonso, Zamora; Uralde
Satrústegui Y Lopez
Ufarte. Athletic had to be beaten and the txuri urdin did it with so many Lopez Ufarte Y Zamora to lift his parish to the skies for the second year in a row. Sarabia put fear in the body of those present in Atotxa, an incalculable figure that day, which is remembered as the one with the greatest attendance in the old field, where there was no room for another soul.


La Real had won their first league the previous year, something that Zamora describes as a “miracle” and in that same 1982 they would win the Super Cup. To ‘touch iron’ it was necessary to wait another five years, until 87, when an army of Txuri Urdin followers saw Arconada raise the Copa del Rey to the skies of a city of Zaragoza turned into the cauldrons of hell by the heat.

From that night until the magic of Seville 34 years passed and a host of excellent footballers such as From
Peter, Xabi
Alonso, Tight or Griezmann who did not taste the sweet taste of glory nor could they climb to the pedestal of the titled heroes in txuri urdin.

Nobody expects – nor wishes – that another seven decades will have to pass so that the fans can enjoy another Real title. There is nothing greater. Therefore, the purpose of Aperribay, Olabe and Imanol
Sheriff is to turn these 1920s into the eighties of the twentieth century. “The utopia of today is the reality of tomorrow,” he said. Denoueix. “Ezina ekinez egina”, it is said in Basque. “The impossible is done by getting to it.”

The Real Sociedad players celebrate their second League champion title in Atotxa in a match against Athletic. Zamora, Kortabarria, López Ufarte, Murillo, Celayeta, Diego and Alonso