The long-awaited day finally arrives! Today, February 25, Pablo Díaz takes the boat from ‘Pasapalabra’

The big day has arrived: Thursday, October 25. The day that Pablo Diaz, the oldest contestant in the history of ‘Pass word’, it will finally be done with the long-awaited boat. Or at least this is what can be deduced from the latest ‘tweet’ published by the program itself on its official account.

In the fragment, which barely lasts 15 seconds, you can see a completely attacked Pablo who, with 18 seconds still to go, has only one letter to resolve, the ‘H’ … and it will solve it!

Pablo Díaz takes the boat from Pasapalabra

The canary will thus be able to win the grand prize of 1,294,000 euros. An amount that will be added to the 137,400 euros that has already been earned in the eight months he has been competing on the program. However, it must be taken into account that the Tax Agency will take a good pinch.

During all this time, Pablo Has got various records, as the contestant who has accumulated the most money, the longest-lived in history (172 programs including this Thursday), the one who got the most extra seconds to face the final rosco (100 seconds) and, in addition, with Luis de Lama is the couple that has met the most times (up to 84 times).