The Logroñés moves away from the descent at the expense of a tired Mirandés

The Mirandés can not with a Logroñés who added his second consecutive victory and has already accumulated four games without losing, which takes him away from the relegation places, at the expense of a ‘rojillo’ team that this time did notice the lack of rhythm after the break.

Paulino starred in the play of the game by laying a goal to Olaetxea which is worth three points and moves away from the Logroñes.

The match started with a lot of rhythm, with both teams creating danger in the rival area, with Mirandés taking the initiative of the game and with a very clear chance in the boots of Christ.

About half an hour of play, Letic He had to be treated for a stomp on the head in a corner in favor of Logroñés, in which it was the clearest so far, as Sergio Rodríguez’s.

Two occasions practically in a row by Logroñés put the rojillo team led by Pedro García in trouble before the break. Lizoain He was the protagonist of the game with a spectacular save first to Andy and then to Nano Mesa on two occasions.

Cristo was encouraged, but Santamaría took the ball to the forward on the line and on the next occasion Paulino left Berrocal and Vivian who had started at half-time and enabled Olaetxea who scored the first goal of the season. The Riojans imposed a defense of five, avoiding the jabatas options in this first marathon of matches.

0-Mirandes: Lizoain, Víctor Gómez, Messeger, Pablo Martínez, Letic, Alex López (Sergio Moreno min 76), Javi Muñoz, Iván Martín (Moha min 56), Caballero (Berrocal min 46), Jirka (Vivian min 46) and Christ.

1-Logroñes: Santamaría, Medina, Álex Pérez, Bobadilla, Iago López, Paulino de la Fuente (min 79), Jaime, Andy, Iñaki, Nano Mesa (Rony min 71) and Olaetxea (Paulino min 79).

Goals: 0-1 M.64: Olaetxea

Referee: Sagués Oscoz (Basque school). He admonished Iago López (min 36), Jaime (min 83) and Bobadilla (min 93) for the visitors

Incidence: Match corresponding to matchday 34 of LaLiga Smartbank held at the Municipal Stadium of Anduva behind closed doors.