The League that Madrid beat Real 40 years ago with the help of Sevilla

This May 18 marks the 40th anniversary of the League that conquered Real Madrid from Vujadin Boskov in a heart attack finale. It was number 20 of the 33 that the white club currently has in its windows. On the last day of the 1979-80 championship, the white team beat an Athletic Club 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabéu who was looking for UEFA and took the title by just one point advantage over the Real society, which was useless to win in the old Atoxta Atlético de Madrid (2-0).

Real Madrid and Real Sociedad they arrived at the last day in a handkerchief. Angel opened the scoring in the merengue coliseum with a goal in the 23rd minute of the first half that brought the delirium to the stands. The Whites went for everyone and in his momentum, Carlo Alonso Santillana, the local striker, collided with one of the Bilbao centrals and opened his eyebrow, although he was able to continue on the pitch.

After the break, the mythical Juanito Madrid’s advantage increased in the 5th minute, although, soon after Dani transformed, with his usual ‘paradinha’, a penalty that had made him the goal García Remón and put the excitement back to an intense game in which the lions, with a luxury team among which stood out Alexanko, Goicoechea, Guisasola, Villar, Dani, Carlos or ArgoteThey did not want to miss the train from Europe. With a disturbing 2-1 on the scoreboard, the Basque side Santi Urkiaga clearly cleared a shot. The Navarrese referee Condón Uriz decreed the consequent maximum penalty that he wrote down Pirri 18 minutes to go.

Real Madrid, then chaired by Luis de Carlos, he knew how to manage his valuable advantage well and ended up singing the alirón in a League in which Barça could only be fourth, no less than 15 points from the meringues, where the German Uli Stielike it was the real lung. Never a champion had added 53 points in the championship until that moment.

Triumph ‘dedicated’ to Josep Lluís Núñez

At the end of that meeting played on the afternoon of May 18, 1980 and in full ecstasy merengue, Juanito did not cut a hair and said: “I dedicate this triumph to the president of Barcelona, ​​José Luis Núñez; García Candau and Joaquín Ramos, these last two journalists… Yes, I dedicate it to you because of the phobia they have shown throughout the season towards the best, the only one, Real Madrid ”.

The central Goyo Benito
also remembered Barça. “We have been the best in everything. When we were eliminated from the semifinals of the European Cup against Hamburg more than one had prepared the grave for us to bury us also in the League. But they have been annoyed. I personally decide this title to the president of Barça, Mr. Núñez. Yes, because thanks to this nefarious character we have fought against all odds. Here, the title and condolences to the Royal Society ”, he sentenced.

Even Vicente del Bosque, who formed that afternoon with Stielike and Ángel the midfield of Madrid, could not suppress either. “I am sorry for Real Sociedad as they have had an excellent campaign. I am also glad because this is how we have swallowed a good dose of verbiage from the president of Barça, Mr. Núñez and others… ”

Sterile victory for Real against Atlético

For its part, Real society It was useless to knock down Atlético (2-0) on that last day, thanks to goals from Celayeta and Gaztelu. The San Sebastian players ended up crying and the Atoxta public standing acknowledging their brilliant season, in which they led to 32 consecutive days without knowing defeat. AND
he Basque team brushed the feat to end the reign of Real Madrid in the League.

Names like Arconada, Satrústegui, López Ufarte, Gajate, Zamora, Perico Alonso and Górriz they were left without a title that would have done justice to a spectacular season at Real, which until the penultimate round of the 1979-80 academic year had not lost a game.

Bertoni lent a hand to the meringues

He did so at the most inopportune moment. It fell 2-1 against SevillaWhen he was the leader, there were only two days remaining and he had Madrid behind. A tie at the stadium Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán it was enough for him to depend on himself in the last match he had to play in Atocha against Atlético de Madrid, but it could not be. The Argentine international Daniel Bertoni, with two goals (the second in the 83rd minute) and when Sevilla were nine with the expulsions of Blanco and Juan Carlos, he lent a hand to the Whites.

Extra bonus from Real Madrid to Sevilla

Sevilla received an extra bonus from Madrid, as reflected in the press of the time. Its footballers received four and a half million pesetas to beat Real. The money, which was in charge of distributing Bertoni in Sánchez-Pizjuán himself ten days after the victory, it was distributed among the eleven starters and four substitutes, each footballer bagging 300,000 pesetas, and then each of them gave 10,000 to distribute between the masseur and the utillero, who took 75,000 pesetas .

Sevilla coach, the award-winning former player and former Madrid coach Miguel Muñoz, did not want to receive any money. Madrid had already prevailed before Betis with 750,000 pesetas for tying in Atoxa. The Competition Committee He did not want to sanction the meringues.

Real Madrid, 3: García Remón; Isidro, Benito, Pirri, Pérez García, Ángel, Stielike, Del Bosque, Juanito (Roberto Martínez3 65 ’), Santillana and Cunningham (Portugal, 82’).

Athletic, 1: Aguirreoa; Urkiaga, Alexanko, Goikoetxea, Guisasola, Villar, De Andrés, Gallego (Irureta, 62 ’), Dani, Carlos and Argote.

Goals: 1-0, Ángel (23 ’); 2-0, Juanito (51 ’); 2-1, Dani, with a penalty (64 ’); 3-1, Pirri, with a penalty (72 ’).

Referee: Uriz Condom (Navarro College). He showed the yellow card to the locals Benito and Juanito; and the visitor Goikoetxea.

Incidents: Match of the 34th round of the League 79-80 played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Irureta officially said goodbye to Athletic.