The leader wins, convinces and grows for the final stretch of LaLiga

The Atlético de Madrid continues to hold the pressure, by defeating Huesca (2-0) in the Metropolitan with so many strap Y Carrasco. Good game from the leader, who was superior and who rearms for the last sprint of the season with men like I gave it or Herrera highlighting, in addition to the scorers and the always present Llorente.

Sunday’s win at Eibar It had allowed the rojiblanco team to regain confidence and feelings. Something that was seen as soon as the clash against Huesca began. A happier team, less cramped, looking at the opposing goal, better physically … A more recognizable Atlético, to summarize. And that was still missing three key players: Luis Suárez, Lemar and Joao Félix.

The presence of Herrera in the middle it gives another air to the mattress box. We will see when there is a more powerful and intense rival in front, but for now, with the ball and time to think, the Mexican is the one who projects the attack. During the first half, it took more than one hand to count his passes facing the defense’s back for innings of Trippier Y I gave it. Thus came all the danger of those of Simeone, with both sides very incisive, alternating their rises to put in trouble the line of five that presented Pacheta in the Metropolitan.

By the way, Huesca was the first to hit, but Oblak prevented Atlético from kissing the canvas. A corner in minute 3 left the ball dead to Siovas on the small area line. The Greek hit not too well, and the Slovenian, well placed, avoided an initial scare. From there, there was only one team on the pitch. And he was rojiblanco.

The best of the colchoneros arrived in 10 ‘, with a double stop of Alvaro to Carrasco first and to Saul then after the nth combination between Trippier Y Llorente on the right that ended with the Madrid’s center. The Belgian had another later, but shot low and loose. The opportunities were not clear, but the arrivals did give a sense of danger. As we say, always on the wing, with Herrera as a pitcher, escorted by Koke Y Saul, more timid when it comes to taking risks, but good tactically.

The first time the captain was encouraged, it was decisive. Saw the race (another over Trippier). 50 meter measured pass that brought the Englishman to the baseline. There he delayed for Llorente, who looked for strap. And there time stopped. Because the Argentine did not return the wall, which is what the play was asking for. He controlled oriented to the goal to leave behind Polished. Did the same with Insua and fired with the left. The ball touched the captain from Huesca and canterano rojiblanco, before entering the goal. Golazo. Third in two games and, like four days ago, again to open the can. Another Argentine perishes, who greatly favors playing upstairs instead of in the band.

He did not change the goal or the break for Atlético, who came out determined to finalize the commitment. Had it Koke, almost point-blank but heeled, and intervened Alvaro. Neither did the plan change Pacheta, who had reserved players for the final on Sunday against Getafe, trusting in a downturn of the mattresses or an overconfidence of those of Simeone, which was already sending people to heat up. Also the coach from Burgos, who made three changes in one go. Sandro, Ferreiro and Javi Galán to the field.

Llorente claimed a penalty for a slap from Polished in the area, similar to the elbow of Savic to Rioja that it was. Sergio
Gomez he threw something deflected a foul on the front. Atlético did not close the game, despite the fact that this time they were looking for it, and the risk was there. Alvaro reappeared shot by Saul after a new arrival at the bottom line of Llorente, who found it difficult to find an auctioneer almost always.

Until minute 76, the Cholo. Put in Dembélé instead of Herrera, tired. I gave it He avoided the draw by throwing himself to the ground to avoid the shot of Sandro, who had outwitted Giménez in the area with a subtle pipe. The Alto Aragonese stretched out in search of a tie. But the sentence arrived. Signed it Carrasco, but she starred in Llorente, who stole a ball in the area to leave it to the Belgian’s pleasure, who only had to push it. He celebrated it later, after more than a minute of deliberation by the VAR for possible offside. They entered Kondogbia Y Torreira to give rest to the two scorers in the afternoon. And right after Vitolo Y Philip.

There was not time for much, except for Huesca to appear in attack. Just triumph for Atlético, which wins, convinces and grows for the final stretch of the championship.

13 J. Oblak 1 Alvaro Fernandez
2. 3 K. Trippier 4 P. Insua 85 ‘
fifteen S. Savić (19 Pedro Lopez)
two J. Gimenez 14 J. Polished
12 R. Lodi 87 ‘ 18 D. Siovas
(18 Philip) 2. 3 D. Escriche
twenty-one Y. Carrasco 84 ‘ 5 P. Mosquera 63 ‘
(5 L. Torreira) (eleven Javi galán)
16 H. Herrera 76 ‘ 17 Mikel Rico
(19 M. Dembélé) two I. Doumbia
6 Koke 10 S. Gómez 85 ‘
8 Saul 87 ‘ (24 Borja Garcia)
(twenty Vitolo) 9 R. Mir 63 ‘
10 TO. Belt 84 ‘ (6 Sandro)
(4 G. Kondogbia) 12 Okazaki 63 ‘
14 M. Llorente (7 David ferreiro)

Goals:(1-0) Á. Correa (39 ‘), (2-0) Y. Carrasco (80’)

Cards:L J. Giménez (65 ‘), Saúl (83’)L

Referee: Munuera Montero J.

Spectators: 0 in the Metropolitan Wanda

THE BEST The leader recovers sensations, confidence and goal
WORST Simeone was able to move the bench before facing what is coming