The last wonder of Facundo Campazzo: Assistance from the air and without looking!

The Argentine and former Real Madrid Facundo Campazzo is giving a lot to talk about in the NBA following his landing this fall to the Denver Nuggets.

In addition to his good performance on the track, the 29-year-old guard is taking the compilations of best plays of the competition in the last days with assists of real magician, last last night in the victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Córdoba player left a pearl in the first half of the match with a basket pass floating in the air and without looking through the tangle of opponent’s defenders. The commentators could not believe it, although they recalled that his former teammate in Madrid Luka doncic he’s done a couple of those in his career too.

In addition to its role in attack, the Facu excelled in defensive tasks against Damian Lillard, whom he defended much of the final quarter. The Argentine ended with 3 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists in 27 minutes of play.

The NBA took advantage of the spectacular attendance to teach other wonders that the player has left in his landing in the American league.