The last champions sing the 40

The last great generation of Real Sociedad squad players who chose to be champion of Spain Youth, the 1995, lost the final on penalties to the Real
Madrid in 2014. The Baptist, Guridi, Merquelanz, Odriozola, Sangalli and company were not so lucky that in 1999 they were Gari
Uranga, Mikel
Labaka or Zuhaitz
Gurrutxaga that, 21 years ago today, they proclaimed for the last time the Royal champion of youth Spain by defeating Sevilla in the final from the fateful point. The generation of 1980 is now looking out the window of 40 years with the fantastic memory of a feat that, 21 years later, has not occurred again. Last November they met for the first time since then to celebrate the 20 years of the title in an intimate meal attended by the coach, Carmel
Love, and technicians and delegates who saw them grow as Patxi
Ilarramendi, Matthias
Jimenez or ‘Tinito’, Privileged witnesses of a litter of footballers who wrote their name in gold letters in the history of Real.

Real Sociedad Juvenil, champions of Spain 1999. Commemorative meal of the 20 years of the Spanish championship after winning the final against Sevilla in Alicante on penalties. Iñaki Jaka, Jon Andueza, Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga, Mikel Labaka, Aitor Del Sol, Jon Alvarez de Eulate, Andoni Sarasola, Diego Asorey, Pablo Blázquez, Jon Elorriaga, Gari Uranga, Juan Ugarte, Kristian Alberdi, Pablo Llorca, Ander Aranzeta, Ekaitz Aramendi Gaizka Olaizola.

As it happens sporadically, the quarry of Zubieta gave two magnificent generations between 1979 and 1980. Two years that saw the birth of fantastic footballers who nurtured the Real’s first team and many other professional football teams. In 1979, among others, Mikel
Aranburu, Joseba
Llorente, José
Barkero, Sergio Francisco or Igor
Gabilondo and in 1980 the mentioned Mikel
Labaka, Gari
Uranga or Zuhaitz
Gurrutxaga. All of them, together with young footballers of the time who, despite their enormous qualities, did not reach the first team, caused the Real Juvenile to reign in Spain in two consecutive years, 1998 and 1999, in which they took the title. The first, in addition, in Anoeta, in the final against Valencia, with a oro golden goal ’of Portularrume -Joseba Llorente forced the extension with a goal on the horn. And the second, in the Rico Pérez from Alicante, to penalties after tying to zero in the regulated time.

Mikel Labaka collects the 1999 youth champion of Spain trophy after winning the final against Sevilla in Alicante on penalties
Mikel Labaka collects the 1999 youth champion of Spain trophy after winning the final against Sevilla in Alicante on penalties

The generation of 1980Possibly had less media brightness than that of the 79, in which Barkero that same year (1999) he had already won the U-20 World Cup in Nigeria, being a figure alongside the Xavi, Casillas and company, or a Mikel
Aranburu that, by then, had already debuted with the first team. Trained again by Carmel
LoveHowever, the team not only revalidated the title but also generated several footballers for the first team. Mikel
Labaka, current second coach of Real, was the captain and, therefore, maximum standard-bearer for the squad along with a Gari
Uranga who came to play 123 matches in the first team. In the axis of the rear he lined up in the final, next to Labaka, Zuhaitz
Gurrutxaga, who was the first to debut of all of them in the first team, by the hand of Javier
Gracious in 2000. He stayed three years at Real, being runner-up in the League in 2003. Kristian
Alberdi, Paul
Llorca, Juan
Ugarte or Diego
AsoreyFor example, they were footballers who also went on to do preseason training with the Txuri Urdin first team. Some even debuted on time, but did not have the necessary continuity to stay at Real.

All of them, in any case, have the pride of being, for the moment, the last great youth team of the Real that proclaimed themselves champion of Spain. The privilege of, from the 40-year-old watchtower that the majority will be fulfilling throughout this 2020, look at those past times that, if not better, were much more endearing.


Iñaki Jaka (Donostia, 1980). Goalkeeper.

Jon Andueza (Bergara, 1980). Right side.

Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga (Elgoibar, 1980). Central.

Mikel Labaka (Azpeitia, 1980). Central.

· Aitor Del Sol (Lezo, 1981). Left side.

Jon Alvarez de Eulate (Donostia, 1980). Pivot.

Andoni Sarasola.

Diego Asorey (Renteria, 1980). Left side.

· Pablo Blázquez (Donostia, 1980). Pivot.

Jon Elorriaga (Zarautz, 1980). Attacker.

Gari Uranga (Ibarra, 1980). Attacker.

· Juan Ugarte (Donostia, 1980). Forward.

Kristian Alberdi (Donostia, 1980). Pivot.

Pablo Llorca (Donostia, 1981). Goalkeeper.

Ander Aranzeta (Eibar, 1980). Central.

Ekaitz Aramendi.

Asier Eizagirre (Irun, 1981).

Gaizka Olaizola.