The lapse of Iñaki López that left Ayuso in check: ‘Excuse me, excuse me’

This Saturday the presenter of ‘LaSexta Noche’, Iñaki López, interviewed Isabel Díaz Ayuso on the occasion of the Madrid elections on May 4. Not only was the president of the Community of Madrid present on the “LaSexta” set, since the first to sit down to answer Iñaki López’s questions was the representative of the socialists Ángel Gabilondo.

However, viewers noticed the small slip that the host of ‘LaSexta Noche’ had when he said goodbye to Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

“Mr. Gabilondo, thank you for having been here at‘ laSexta Noche ’”, Iñaki López snapped at the PP candidate. “Díaz Ayuso”, the president responded quickly to correct the mistake. “Sorry, excuse me,” said the presenter, realizing the mistake he just made at that time.

“I wish him luck as I do, logically, with the rest of the candidates, and I thank him for being here,” concluded Iñaki López to end the interview with Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso was interviewed by Iñaki López in ‘La Sexta noche’.

After finishing the interview, Iñaki López welcomed the gathering of ‘LaSexta Noche’, among whom was Eduardo Inda. “I want to congratulate Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the interview she has done. Mrs. Gabilondo has been superb, as you have called it ”, shot with humor towards the presenter Iñaki López.