The keys to the Real Madrid season

The season is over for him Real
Madrid and, with it, a year full of emotion, setbacks, triumphs but most importantly: empty of titles. The keys to all this have been many and, as always in football, there have been decisive details.

Plague of injuries and contagions

More than 60 injuries and up to nine infections per Covid. That is the list of casualties that Real Madrid has had to deal with this season and that have forced it on many occasions to search well in the back of the bench to complete its slate and its call.

Behind these figures there are aspects that escape logic. The medical services of the Real Madrid They have not given enough and, in an age in which the players are so controlled, it is difficult to think that everything has been the result of bad luck and not bad planning.

Lack of leaders on the field

In the Real Madrid, a team full of big names, this season they have lacked leaders. With Courtois in the goal holding the team and with Benzema at the other end by throwing it, on occasions a player capable of throwing the team on his back has been missed when the aforementioned have been exceeded.

It is true that Casemiro, Kroos or Modric They have appeared at different times, but to win titles, Real Madrid knows well that it needs a squad of players who contribute more and better figures, especially in attack.

Zidane, a believer with the soul of a winner

But if the Real
Madrid has practically reached the end of The league and the Champions With options to bite the metal, it was the fault of Zidane. A coach, the Frenchman, who has managed to make the team believe when things were more difficult.

Nobody like him is able to better understand that wardrobe and to express it if not based on football, based on feelings and a winning character because Zizou He is a believer with the soul of a winner.