The keys to the Qatar Grand Prix

1. Viñales’ career management. Impeccable the career of the Catalan rider, who knew how not to get nervous after another bad start. I wait patiently for his moment, he advanced at the right moment, he did everything for two laps and then he managed the advantage.

2. Mir’s starting grid position. The champion lived up to it. He knew how to wait and not despair. When the others began to lower the intensity, he went on the attack. He lost the podium between the last corner and the finish line. His fourth final place was a little bit.

3. The ones who fell apart. Everyone knew that the race was going to be a tire management exercise. There were those who knew how to be patient –Viñales or Mir-; others, on the other hand, paid at the end for their excessively aggressive first part of their career –Rins, Miller, …-.

4. Yamaha’s “masking” job. Aware that they could not match the speed of the Ducati on the straight, the Japanese engineers focused on improving their bikes on the start. The acceleration of the M1s in third and fourth reduced the Ducati’s lead in fifth and sixth.

5. Losail, a problem for Honda. That the Qatari circuit has always been a stone in Honda’s shoe was no secret. A reality that Marc Márquez was in charge of minimizing. But in his absence the reality came to light. Of the four Hondas on the grid, only two reached the finish line; the first in the eighth position.