The keys to the MotoGP race

1. The departure of Fabio Quartararo

The French rider has shown in practice that he has the rhythm to escape if he can take advantage of his pole position to take the lead from the start. It is in the hands of his rivals to neutralize him before reaching the first corner.

2. The Suzuki opportunity

The Suzuki have achieved their good results in the past after coming back from the middle of the starting grid. Rins this time starts from the front line. It will be interesting to see what he is capable of tomorrow with a clear track ahead of him.

3. Márquez’s physique

Physical condition will determine Marc’s race tomorrow. He has speed, but in training he has realized that his physique is not as ready as his desire to ride a motorcycle. It is not ruled out that he stops before completing the 25 laps of the race if his arm runs out.

4. Viñales and Bagnaia

Both have shown that they have pace to fight for the victory, but different incidents in have relegated them to 12th and 11th positions respectively. What will your attitude be when the traffic light goes out? Play it to the death from the first round or gradually make your way, even if it costs them the final result?

5. Oliveira, the covered

The winner was left over last year, if he had not fallen in Q2, the Portuguese would be a candidate for victory. Tomorrow he will be one of the fastest in Portimao, but he starts tenth.