The judge dismisses the lawsuit of Christian Lawyers against Willy Toledo

The Court of First Instance number 9 of Valladolid has dismissed the lawsuit filed by the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers against Willy Toledo, considering that the statements made by the actor in different public forums did not undermine the honor of the association.

The magistrate thus acquits Toledo and exonerates him from compensating Christian Lawyers with 6,000 euros because he maintains that the critical statements of the actor are protected by the right to freedom of expression, which, in this case, prevails over the claiming entity’s right to honor, sources from the TSJCyL reported this Wednesday.

In the sentence, which can be appealed before the Provincial Court, the judge emphasizes that the statements of the actor “must be included in a right to criticism” regarding the ideological position that the Association maintains with the behavior of the plaintiff in different statements about feelings or religious ideas.

As the Prosecutor’s Office has considered, it cannot be considered that they are an invitation to violent action or incitement to hatred, and in fact, the author himself refers to them as “gigantic bullshit”, without pretending to say that the applicant Association wanted to “shoot him, and the interview should be valued as a whole or as a whole”

Among the expressions of the actor is to call the plaintiff association as “ultra-rightists who, if they could, would not denounce me but would take me to a wall of the cemetery and shoot me,” according to the sentence.

The court decision considers that the sentences addressed to the Association, a private legal entity, despite having a right to protect its honor, “cannot be classified as disproportionate in the context in which they were made, always within that weight of the minor intensity that deserves its protection of honor ”.

The judge adds that “the expressions highlighted by the plaintiff in the interviews do not have sufficient entity to provoke his discredit or professional discredit of the Association, taking into consideration that external aspect related to the reputation of the same or the consideration of others , and in fact, there is no evidence in this regard (…) ”.

The words of Willy Toledo, according to the sentence, are pronounced “in a clear context of ideological debate about the expression of ideas and opinions that are absolutely contrary to those publicly defended by members of the plaintiff Association.”

“All of them are admitted within our constitutional framework as long as the jurisprudential limits already set out are respected, considering them as a manifestation of the defendant’s right to freedom of expression even though sour or unpleasant expressions are used as a result of that ideological confrontation and the defense of their ideas ”by the actor, who describes himself with an ideological profile of the extreme left.