The judge agrees with the Federation in the case of Monday games

Andrés Sánchez Magro, head of the Mercantile Court No. 2 of Madrid, has entirely dismissed the lawsuit filed last July by LaLiga against the Federation, in which it claimed its power to schedule matches on Mondays and Fridays.

The ruling, revealed by iusport, stresses that the agreement in force between the two organizations does not contemplate, as it did with the previous ones, any agreement in this regard, so that RFEF and LaLiga are forced to negotiate to reach an agreement in this regard.

If RFEF and LaLiga do not reach an economic agreement, it must be the CSD who defines the compensation, underlines the sentence.

The ruling that the entry into force of the Royal Decree regulating the sale of the audiovisual rights change the panorama for the benefit of the employers, as this defended. For all these reasons, the judgment deduces that if an agreement between the parties is not reached, the parties can only be scheduled on their ‘official’ calendar, that is, in Saturdays and Sundays.

The sentence specifies that “in the hypothetical case that the RFEF and LaLiga did not agree on the economic quantity to be paid by LaLiga to the RFEF to authorize the dispute of matches of the National League Championship of First and Second Division on Fridays and / or Mondays before and after each day (unlike what happened in the Agreements of 2010, 2014 and 2015) must be the CSD who defines, where appropriate, what is the economic quantity adjusted to the circumstances and the facts related to said problem ”.

The judge highlights the Federation’s negotiating will despite considering its request “disproportionate”

The ruling highlights that “at all times the RFEF has expressed its willingness to negotiate and reach an agreement with LaLiga ”, despite considering that“ the RFEF has raised an amount ‘disproportionate’(More than 30 million euros)” to give its approval to admit matches on Fridays and Mondays. Finally, the judge urges both parties to “negotiate in good faith.”

In this way LaLiga is still unable to schedule matches on Mondays, as is the wish of its president, Javier Thebes, to be able to finish the official season, suspended in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic and which still has eleven days left.

Sources of the Federation They affirmed to Mundo Deportivo that in the contacts maintained with the employers in recent times hasn’t been on the table yet this issue. And this, despite the fact that the body chaired by Luis Rubiales, according to these same sources, would have raised it on some occasion, colliding with LaLiga’s refusal to enter it. The sentence known this Wednesday, which is appealable, forces both to negotiate.