The Japanese Suzuki breaks the hex and wins from pole in Jerez

He had never won pole in Jerez in the Moto3 category and the Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki also bearing the weight of the second consecutive race on this circuit, he has broken the curse and added his second ever victory after the Misano last year at the Andalusian GP. The Jerez alternation between Honda and KTM has been fulfilled, it was Honda’s turn to win the race and thus it has been in this race 8 ”faster than the one a week ago.

The race was not without drama for the top two finishers in the World Championship who have been out of the race due to a fall. Albert ArenasHowever, he will hold the lead by six points over Suzuki and 10 over McPhee, first and second this Sunday. Ai Ogura goes to fourth place.

From pole Tatsuki Suzuki He has kept the initiative ahead of Ogura and Rodrigo and the leader Arenas has won a place, fifth in the funnel of the first corner. ‘Gabri’ has not thought twice and has noticed Ogura to get behind a Suzuki determined to impose his rhythm with a record blow. But since they have driven so many kilometers in Jerez in recent weeks, everyone has responded to their strong pace, it would not be so easy for the Paolo Simoncelli driver, but at least he has stretched the group and thus the dangerous axes have ended.

In the ninth turn the fall of Ai Ogura, the second classified of the championship, to be implicated in the fall of Jaume Masià when the Algemesí was overbraked and they were fighting for fourth place when Suzuki was already achieving the mini selection of 12 drivers. The young Japanese has rejoined the race to try to score a point, but has finally retired.

Midway through the race, already with 10 units with all the favorites in the lead, Suzuki was warned that he had spent the wild cards of stepping on the green and had to be careful or he would get the ‘long lap penalty’ (long lap penalty). Still he has continued to pull the group.

But the great drama has reached 8 turns to go with the fall of the leader Albert Arenas in the very fast curve 11 (at about 170 km / h) when he was sixth in the group. And although an attempt has been made to protect the body in the wallowing in the gravel, it has taken a strong blow to the neck and has been stretched out although it has entered the medical center on foot.

Seven units have remained in front of the group with six laps to go and all the credit for Suzuki for making the selection with Rodrigo, Binder, Fernández, McPhee, Alcoba and Vietti. Three to go, Fernández was the first to be ruled out for not keeping up with the Japanese and shortly afterwards Jeremy was penalized with a ‘long lap penalty’ for repeatedly stepping on the green. The two Spaniards lost their option.

A turn and a half has already progressed to the head McPhee, but Suzuki has not allowed him to lead while Rodrigo has remained at the tail of the sextet. The Japanese has started the last turn as a leader and after it they have begun to bother. Everything seemed ready for the braking of the 13, like last week, but the Japanese had it very clear, he has traced it perfectly and nobody has been able to do it. McPhee and Vietti have accompanied him on the podium.

Although Alcoba has entered fourth, he has dropped the 3 ”for not making the previous penalty and has dropped to seventh place just behind Raúl Fernández, eighth García Dols and 13th Tatay. Gabri Rodrigo has had no option to fight for the podium due to problems with the front rubber and was fifth.

As for the rest of the Spaniards, Albert Arenas has fallen, Jaume Masià has retired after a previous fall and Alonso López has not participated, due to illness.