The Italian press, furious against the Superliga: ‘You are killing football’

The Italian press attacks on its covers this Monday against the decision of twelve of the most important clubs in the world, among which Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, to create a new competition, the Super league, and defines it as a blow that will “kill” football.

“Super League, SuperNO”, is the headline of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, which highlights how UEFA, the football federations and even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson showed their opposition to this idea.

For the pink newspaper, the decision announced by clubs such as Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the Italians Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus or the English Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham is “the fair of greed”.

Even tougher is the Turin daily “Tuttosport”, usually very close to Juventus: “Are you crazy? The Super League kills football.”

The Turin newspaper accompanies its headline with a photo of the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, and also adds the opinion of its director in a note entitled: “Not for money, but for cash.”

“Superliga-UEFA, war” reads the cover of the Roman newspaper “Corriere dello Sport”, which highlights that a very tough “legal battle” is expected between the parties involved.

Twelve of the most important clubs in Europe have announced the agreement for the creation of a new competition, the Super League, in which up to 20 teams will participate from next August, with matches during the week to respect national competitions.