The Italian Federation investigates the alleged rigging of Luis Suárez’s exam

The Federation
Italian de Fútbol (FIGC) has decided to intervene in the case of the alleged exam Italian from Luis
Suarez, as reported by Corriere dello Sport. Giuseppe Chinè, head of the FIGC prosecutor’s office, has requested to the Judicial Power of Perugia the documents of the case in their power to purge responsibilities, if it is the case.

Let us remember that on Tuesday Selvaggio Sarri, colonel of the Guardia di Finanza, the police force responsible for the investigation, assured that neither Juventus nor Luis Suárez himself were the subject of investigation, unless “we find something else in the course” of their work.

Now it is the FIGC that has decided to take action on the matter and from this they could be derived responsibilities towards Juventus.

Let us recollect that the Guardia di Finanza discovered, fortuitously as confessed by the aforementioned Sarri, the by hand of the test that Luis Suárez underwent. The aforementioned body discovered that the Uruguayan striker had agreed the questions and the answers with his examiners to overcome his absolute ignorance of Italian.

Suárez had to pass the aforementioned exam, as he did, to obtain the B1 level of the Transalpine language, a prerequisite for obtaining Italian citizenship that should facilitate his signing for the Juventus.

The barça player during his trip to Italy