The Island of Temptations: Lucia and Manuel meet again

How we have missed Lucía and Manuel the last weeks on the island. The former couple ended their relationship in a confrontational bonfire that will remain for posterity as the day in which Lucia was empowered.

“Now I see it and I feel sorry for myself”, Lucía expressed when faced with the memory of her past relationship with Manuel. “I do not need anyone to be happy,” he said feeling a completely new person after passing through reality.

A turbulent return flight

And the sauce we were waiting for arrived! Lucia and Manuel had more than words on the flight back to Spain. “We were kissing and he told me he loved me”said Lucía while ‘Manué’ hallucinated in the next room, insinuating that Lucía had a hard time leaving ‘the little hand relax’ on that trip.

“He spent the 9 hours crying but after that, he told me that he was staying in Madrid with Fiama.” The usual Manuel reappeared when he stepped on the ground.

Manuel: “Lucia wouldn’t let me be me”

Manuel’s thing with Fiama, intense but short

Something that many expected was that the relationship between Cádiz and Fiama would not last long beyond the Atlantic Ocean. And indeed, Manuel confirmed that they were friends but that they were no longer together.

The expected face to face

Lucia and Manuel, together in the same room and with Fiama in between. Anything could happen.

“You are a cuckoo,” Manuel began strong, throwing a poisoned dart at his former partner, who responded by saying that he was the one who gave the first kiss on the plane. But Lucia also had words for Fiama and thanked him for opening his eyes.

“You are cut by the same scissors as me”Manuel reproached him, assuring him that he always played the bad role and affirming that Lucia had also cheated on an ex-partner.

Sandra has to separate Lucía and Manuel after a heated argument.

Sandra stood in front of them, like a boxing ring and tried to put peace. “Tell you something nice,” begged the mediator. For now, it is difficult for this stormy break to calm down. Time will tell.