‘The Island of Temptations’: Carlos has a fit of jealousy and Lola ‘explodes’ like never before

There are just a few days to finish ‘Island of Temptations 3‘And Villa Montaña is going through its worst moment. And it is that in the last party of the village of the girls there was a tremendous discussion which ended up facing several of its residents and in which he would be involved Carlos.

However, it must be borne in mind that the Telecinco program has decided remove Carlos from all images for his alleged involvement in multiple sexual abuse to a young woman for whom he was arrested this Wednesday. The images issued in Thursday’s episode, therefore, have been republished and are not complete.

It all started with Lola Y Xavi, one of the bachelors of the edition with whom the young woman maintained a friendship. That of Leon and the tempter They were dancing and, laughing, they tried to make me jealous to Carlos. However, that “joke” would have ended in tragedy. “Amazing”, Xavi murmured moments after the supposed attack of jealousy of the Sevillian. “Listen … cloth”, He also whispered Ruben. “It seems incredible to me,” he added. Tony.

Lola and Xavi during the last party in Villa Montaña.

Hey it’s getting out of hand”, Insisted Rubén. The reason? In the broadcast images, Lola is heard screaming in a room in which Carlos would supposedly also be. “Let me speak, please!The young woman shouted from inside the room, in a tone of desperation. “Flipo”, he also said Claudia along with the rest, who were stunned. Later, the images show Lola again, this time in front of the cameras, in the totals: “I am a person with a lot of patience, but when she gives me the cable I have no brake.”

But what happened next? Due to the movement of the production company Quartz TV and Mediaset, which have decided to suppress part of the content of the program to disassociate themselves from Carlos while it is being investigated by the Civil GuardIt is difficult to understand everything that happened and, specifically, the trigger that caused what came next. However, it seems that Lola and Carlos they did fix their differences, while the rest followed indignant for what had just happened.

Marina: “This situation seems pathetic to me, no one here is owned by anyone”

This situation seems pathetic to me. Pathetic because no one here is owned by anyone. I don’t understand what has been formed here, I just don’t understand it”Marina said, visibly angry, when everyone was in the dining room, including Lola and Carlos. At that time, the situation overwhelmed the girlfriend of Diego, that gushed out like never before in front of his companions.

Marina, outraged by Carlos's attack of jealousy.
Marina, outraged by Carlos’s attack of jealousy.

Lola ‘explodes’ like never before in Villa Montaña

I was dancing motherfuckin ‘with the whole f *** ing world. Let me talk because in the end I’m going to end up tearing my fucking nails, I’ve already fucked one. You haven’t seen me pissed off!”, Shouted the lion. Marina and Isaac even left the room for a few minutes. “Am I going to put up with this aunt? This is surreal, I always give prominence to them ”, commented the Sevillian to the tempter from Barcelona, ​​very annoyed with Lola’s attitude.

'The Island of Temptations': Carlos has a fit of jealousy and Lola 'explodes' like never before.
‘The Island of Temptations’: Carlos has a fit of jealousy and Lola ‘explodes’ like never before.

In the dining room, the discussion continued with a Lola out of her mind. “Lola, honestly, the victimisms already …”, commented Rubén. “What victimisms? Here they do not let me explain myself for a fucking second”Lola screamed. The young woman tried again to explain herself or, rather, explain Carlos’s attitude: “It’s not bothering him that I’m dancing with you, but the fucking laughs”.

Finally, the night ended like this, like the rosary of dawn. “The night has been a disaster, we have all attacked each other, we have told each other everything, in the end the joy was bundled”Lola lamented the next morning. In fact, what happened that night considerably affected the relationship between the Leon, Marina, Claudia and Lara, which they discussed again the next day with Sandra Barneda.

“As always, I see myself in all the scrubs. I was having a great time with everyone. There was a joke from Xavi, who told me “come, dance with me.” And there came a time when I said ‘stop messing around’ but I had already exploded the matter”, Explained Lola the presenter, a version that her companions did not share. “How do you expect the rest of us to understand you if you don’t understand yourself? I see you a little lost, from one day to the next you have changed your mind, you have said one thing and you have done another … “, commented Marina. “I consider Lola a friend but I’m getting more and more disappointed because I don’t understand her”, The Sevillian added later.