‘The Island of Temptations 3’: Rubén and Isaac lead a strong discussion!

This Monday a new debate of ‘Island of Temptations 3‘. The gala, presented by Sandra Barneda, has had protagonists of the popular ‘reality’, with Mediaset collaborators and with family and friends of the protagonists of the edition. All of them have commented on the last episode broadcast on Telecinco, as well as the unpublished images that every Monday shows the program. On this occasion, we have been able to see the consequences that the approach that Lola and Carlos had under the covers and in the presence of Lucy. And is that the tension in the village it was increasing and there was even some discussion.

Carlos was the bachelor Lucia liked the most, but everything got complicated the night of the costume party. It was then that Lola and the Andalusian crossed the line … with Lucia sleeping in the same bed! When the woman from Cádiz found out what had happened, she ‘exploded’: “That Carlos has hit a magre with my friend for me what it means is that he has taken me for a ride. That he was having dates with me because there was no other one and that when the other one he liked was free, he went for her. I can’t get enough of Manuel cheating on me, as well as my best friend in the village has an affair with Carlos”.

Lucia, very angry with Lola after her approach with Carlos.

Despite this first reaction from Lucía, the residents of Villa Montaña did not turn their backs on Carlos. But the same cannot be said of Diego, which started feel very lonely in the village and to perceive that everyone was talking about the same thing. There was only one person who, during the party they celebrated the next day, approached the young woman: Ruben, the VIP bachelor of the edition. They both left the party to talk, a gesture that annoyed the rest of the house.

The next day and after Lola managed to sort things out with the rest of the girls, the young woman and Marine They went to speak with the bachelors of the village to settle the issue and the bad vibes that it had brought with it once and for all. “Here none of us are saints, we all make mistakes. She could have been wrong but neither does she deserve to be judged or that each one of us goes to the side because she does not feel comfortable, feels that she cannot get into any conversation because she is being talked about. I am the first to speak because it was very recent, but please, because she is having a bad time, she needs support too ”, Marina told the boys, defending her partner.

Marina defends Lola against the boys, in 'The Island of Temptations 3'.
Marina defends Lola against the boys, in ‘The Island of Temptations 3’.

I know you’re freaking out because I’m freaking out even me. So, if I’m wrong and I mess it up, I don’t do it with any intention or with any malice, ”Lola assured her, through tears. “Now she feels a little lost but if she has spoken with Rubén it is because she did not know who to talk to,” Marina explained next. “Nor do you have to justify yourself for talking to RubénIsaac blurted out then, even though it was evident that this gesture had annoyed the rest.

Rubén ‘explodes’ against singles: “You have no f *** ing idea of ​​how I am”

It was then that Rubén jumped. “Yes [Lola] comes to be with Victor this does not happen. Because here we are not fools. I have to be passing through here and many times a silence has been created. There are times when I have felt super uncomfortable. That you judge me? I do not care. Exactly the same, because you have no f *** ing idea how I am”Snapped the bachelor to the rest of the boys in the house.

“The‘ little talk ’bastard is very good, but then do not criticize here, there. That you are separating us little by little. I really appreciate you and I told you, but I’m seeing little things that I don’t like a hair, ”Isaac warned the tempting VIP then, showing that, indeed, the bad vibes were real. What will happen between the two? Will the tension increase in Villa Montaña?