The interview with Florentino Pérez, in 10 sentences

Florentino Pérez came to show his face as president of the Super league to the microphones of ‘El Larguero’ of Cadena SER, after the escape of 10 of the 12 founders of the ambitious project. The president of the Real Madrid He left many remarkable phrases about the Super League, UEFA or the performance of the English. These are the 10 key phrases.

1. “I am a bit sad and disappointed. We have been working on this project for three years, which consists of saying what we can do to fight the economic situation in football. They have treated us as if we wanted to kill football, when what we want is to save it. They knew we were going to do it and those with privileges were waiting for us. ”.

two. “I have never seen such aggression from the UEFA president and some presidents, such as that of the Spanish LaLiga. An orchestrated thing that has surprised us all. We asked the UEFA president to speak and he did not reply. From there an aggressiveness begins that I have not seen in my life. Threats, insults … After working hard and thinking about doing something that satisfies everyone, I don’t understand this aggressiveness ”.

3. “There was someone in the English group who was not very interested. That began to infect others, who are people of an age and are afraid because they did not understand what was happening. We all signed a binding agreement, but among all the avalanche of the Premier they said that for now they were going to leave it. Of course, for now no one has left “

Four. “They began to carry out a manipulated campaign that we were going to end the leagues, that merits were not prioritized, that we were ending football. There are people who have privileges and do not want to lose them even at the cost of all the clubs being ruined “.

5. “The English are leaving because UEFA puts on a show that has also surprised me. I believe that a UEFA president must be a correct person, sit down and speak as we ask. As if we had dropped an atomic bomb. They have not given us the opportunity to explain ourselves. Some don’t want anything to happen ”.

6. “The project is in ‘stand by’. Society continues to exist, but you are half tired of what you have heard in 24 hours. Juve and Milan have not left. Those things are said by those gentlemen (by UEFA). We are all together and Barcelona is also reflecting on how we can make the 20 include the top four from Spain, Italy … The fundamental thing is that the matches have everyone’s attention ”.

7. “There is no closed competition. There are those who on merit have earned it in the last 15 or 20 years. They are the ones with social networks and the most fans around the world, we need them. If your team plays, you will see it wherever you are “

8. “I have not felt alone. I have not stopped working. I have spoken with Agnelli three times today. He is looking at how we are capable of, given that we have the job done, get money. With JP Morgan it was already giving to recover the losses, well to see what we do. It would be a sin not to consolidate this format. UEFA works for 2024, I don’t know where we will be. We have to do it now, the situation is serious ”.

9. “It is a subject that is not a whim. I have come to help, Madrid is not mine. This is a situation that no one in the history of football has experienced. It is not a project to insult us and we have had to request a precautionary measure to protect ourselves. The judge, with European legislation, has said that we have the right, that it is legal because there is no monopoly in football. I am not afraid of retaliation from UEFA. The other day I was very worried. At the same time we were doing this, it was the UEFA congress and Ceferin said that we have to free up and encourage investments and protect the people who invest in football (on Fair Play). Let each one interpret it as they want, but it does not look very good. It is a fundamental issue. It does not have to be flexible, but strict ”.

10. “You cannot get out of the contract just like that. It is binding, from serious people. We have agreed that we are going to start telling what this is, as maybe we should have started. We are open to someone else saying something else. If we respect the leagues like now, the only way there is to change things is the Champions League, so that there is a competition that gives money. It is not for the rich ”.