The ins and outs of Julen Guerrero’s great career at Athletic

Warrior He has been the most charismatic player that Athletic has produced in the last 30 years. In addition to being a great footballer, the Portuguese-Portuguese was an idol of the masses and all the young Athletic fans wanted to emulate him. The eternal ‘8’ rojiblanco left the rojiblanco club in tears, but leaving an indelible mark after playing 430 games as a lion and having scored 116 goals without being a specific striker. It occupies the eleventh position in the historical ranking of games played, the same ones it already has From
frames, and is the seventeenth in so many scored.

With very few games played at Bilbao Athletic, Jupp Heynckes He made him debut with the first team in the 1992-93 season in an Athletic-Celta that finished 2-1 and did not get off the boat until he retired from soccer practice. The Biscayan, who now serves as U-17 coach in the Spanish Federation, starred in the series yesterday ‘I’m legend’ of the chain Go from Movistar. “The logical thing was for him to go down to Bilbao Athletic again, but the coach did not look at the identity card,” explained the protagonist.

Warrior he made his teammates play and also came to the area with great danger. This is the main virtue that stood out Javier
Gracious, the champion coach of the 80s. For his part, Ishmael
Urzaiz, another scorer who marked an era, recalled that the “boom that meant for Bilbao has not been repeated.”

Its impact among young people and especially young women was incredible. In this sense, the series served to learn an anecdote that reflects this aspect well. One day, a young girl got into a hotel laundry hamper to sneak into her room.

Julen I tried to return that affection to the fans. “Many times I would go out to train and spend an hour signing autographs. You have to do it with a smile and above all be grateful that they want something from you ”.

The player signed a so-called ‘for life’ contract with Joseph
Get on as president despite the fact that he had offers from very important clubs at the European level. “I feel very happy to have done my entire career at Athletic,” he said in ‘I am a Legend’.