The incredible amount of money Antonio David Flores has earned exclusively since 1999

With the premiere of the new edition of ‘Survivors“Telecinco had to reschedule the broadcast of the new chapters of” Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive. ” For this reason, this Wednesday, the chain returned to the load with chapter 8 of this docuseries, in which the protagonist recounted one of the most complicated episodes of her life: the day her daughter, Rocío Flores, attacked her.

In addition, a timeline was also presented in which you could see the number of exclusives that Antonio David Flores has sold in recent years. As if this were not enough, the program also took into account the programs in which the former civil guard worked as a collaborator or contestant.

With this information, ‘It’s already noon’ quantified how much it meant for the ex-husband of Rocio Carrasco these appearances. The program presented by Sonsoles Ónega took into account all the exclusives it has sold Antonio David since divorcing in 1999.

Antonio David Flores in ‘I want money’.

These are the accounts that he published ‘It’s already noon’:

– First interviews: 50,000 euros

– Collaboration with Crónicas Marcianas for three seasons: 60,000 euros

– Three years as a love advisor in ‘MyHyV’: 800 euros per day

– As a contestant in GH VIP, Cornered and Come to Dinner With Me: 350 thousand euros

All this, added to other appearances on Antena 3, amounts to a whopping three million euros for these exclusives throughout all these years.