The incomprehensible debt of Antonio David Flores after winning more than 3 million

The program ‘It’s already noon’Did numbers earlier this week and
calculated the amount of money that Antonio David Flores would have earned
throughout his already long television career.

Until his dismissal from Telecinco a little over a month ago, the ex-husband of Rocío Carrasco he would have pocketed close to three million euros thanks to his work in ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ (60,000 euros in three seasons),’ Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa ‘(800 euros a day for three years), in’ Sálvame ‘and his participation in reality shows such as’ GH VIP’, ‘Cornered ‘and’ Come have dinner with me ‘, for which he would have obtained about 350,000 euros.

To all this should be added other appearances and interviews on Antena 3 programs, such as “Where are you, my heart” and the different exclusives it has granted to different magazines.

Total, that Antonio David has amassed a fortune in the last 20 years, something that however It does not seem to be enough to lead a quiet and debt-free life.

And it is that the ex-collaborator of Telecinco was declared insolvent before the judge in 2012, a situation that still carries and that it is difficult to understand considering their large income.

It does not seem that his current expenses at this time (housing, car, food, taking care of his children …) have been the reason why Antonio David is without money.

The main cause of the decrease in your checking account it should be sought in their legal disputes.

As compiled this Friday Andrés Guerra in ‘La Vanguardia’, The former Civil Guard has lost numerous lawsuits in the courts, among which the the famous lawsuit that he filed against Rocío Jurado for having said in an Argentine television program that he mistreated his daughter, Rocío Carrasco.

Antonio David asked for 1,000 million pesetas, but lost and was sentenced to pay the costs of the trial, something that has happened to him on more than one occasion.

What’s more, His relationship with the controversial lawyer Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez would have left him a debt of 250,000 euros that, added to the 80,000 that he owes to Rocío Carrasco due to the non-payment of alimony for their children, they would have aggravated their battered situation with the Tax Agency, to whom in 2017 he owed around 450,000 euros.

A real financial and legal tangle that further complicates this case that has been attracting media attention in recent weeks.