The impressive number of times that Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have sex per day

I had already revealed it Wanda nara a while ago. His trick to conquer each day Mauro Icardi
?: “Be the best in bed”. And now it has been a former Italian player who has finished confirming that the key to the success of the well-known couple is the proper functioning of their sexual life.

Has been Daniele adani, who has made some explosive statements on the Bobo TV channel of Christian Vieri on the platform Twitch. The one who was central to Inter or Fiorentina among others has compared the 12 times a day! that the forward and his wife and agent have relationships with another former teammate known precisely for his hectic life off the pitch.

Yes, how they read it … 12 times a day! which, according to our accounts, goes out to once every two hours! Of course, a rhythm available to very few and that is even more surprising if we look at the fact that Wanda and Mauro They only have two daughters in common, the little ones Francesca and Isabela.

Maybe this is also the trick for him good performance of the ram inside the field. And, since his arrival at PSG two seasons ago, the Argentine has been one of the most prominent players in the Parisian team.