‘The important thing was to get up and we did it by winning at Villarreal’

Marcos Llorente placeholder image is being one of the most important players in the Atlético de Madrid this season. A footballer who will play this Sunday against his former team, the Real Madrid, and that he was awarded the 5-star award for best mattress player in February.

The team bump

“The seasons are long, all the teams have small bumps. It is part of soccer. The important thing is to get up and we have done it by winning a very important game for us at Villarreal. We have had casualties in the team that shows, but the important thing was to get up and I think we have done it. On Sunday we have a very important game for the league championship ”.


“We hope to continue with a good dynamic like the one we are taking and now that important games are coming, let’s get victories and the team continues to lead.

Individual assessment

“On a personal level I am very happy, things are going very well for me. Every time I go out on the pitch I try to help the team in whatever and wherever. For now I am very happy and I hope this continues ”.

The hobby

“At home they were a key piece in every game we played here. Hopefully all this happens as quickly as possible. Health comes first, but we are hoping they can come and see us and feel them cheering us on at the stadium ”.