The identity of Jürgen Klopp’s double is revealed

This week it went viral one of the most curious images that the Eurocup has left so far. It happened last Tuesday in London, shortly before the match between the England and Germany teams started, in the round of 16: a man identical to Jürgen Klopp was among the fans
partying and giving everything.

In fact, this man’s resemblance to the coach of the Liverpool is such that even a reporter for the British channel ITV, Jonathan Swain, became confused and believed that it was the real technician of the Anfield team. The man not only has very similar features to Klopp, but he is also He was dressed in Liverpool’s training uniform and Swain, seeing him around Wembley, did not hesitate to approach him believing that he was the German.

The fake Klopp is Ray Cornwell, a 61-year-old English billionaire

ITV reporter thought I was the real Klopp and that shows how good I am. I feel sympathy for him because about 60% of the people I meet when I imitate Klopp they really think i’m him”, Assured this Thursday the false Klopp in an interview granted to‘Good morning britain‘, Who found him after the newspaper’ Daily Mail ‘revealed his identity.

But who is this man? Is about Ray cornwell, an English billionaire from Age 61, divorced and father of three children. He is an entrepreneur and runs several businesses, such as a successful real estate development company in Bloomsbury (Bloomsbury States), in central London, or a chain of Mexican restaurants in the United Kingdom. He also owns a prestigious classic car rental business and also has business interests abroad. In fact, he owns a hotel in France and another in Morocco.

Billionaire Ray Cornwell has caused a sensation this week for his undeniable resemblance to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.

I grew up in South East London and am a self made man with very humble origins. Now you could say that I am very successful, but what brings me the most joys and satisfactions is being ‘Cheeky Jürgen’ [el descarado Jürgen]. I just love it ”, explained Cornwell in the aforementioned program.