The hilarious responses to United’s trade-off between De Gea and Oblak

Atlético de Madrid
It currently has some of the most important professionals on the world football scene. Hence, I have to live with the desire of many clubs that did not want or were not able to see in them what the rojiblanco team did know.

One of the clearest cases is Jan Oblak, the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, five times award Zamora. For this reason, when information or wishes arise from some teams that include the Slovenian, the mattress fans cannot but pull the humor, especially if they are as surreal as the one that emerged recently from England.

We refer to the intention of the Manchester United to change to Jan
Oblak for David De Gea. When the Spanish international missed the decisive penalty in the final of the Europe
League this week, he probably sealed his fate in the English box. According The Sun , United will try to persuade the Atlético de Madrid so that it separates from Jan
Oblak offering to From Gea a
back to his childhood club.


You can imagine the reactions of the fans after the occurrence. “TO From Gea We don’t even want him as a second goalkeeper, how much more to change him for his father Don Jan … But what kind of joke is this? This would only make sense on December 28, well no, I wouldn’t even make sense to you … ”, wrote @paco_catorce.

“I want a trade from my relative for Sandra Sabatès”, Joked @LuisdBenito. And who would be the fool that would accept that? I understand that there is no money, but it is that each barter is coming out that would only accept a useless one … By gea for the best goalkeeper in the world or Top3 for tastes … please “, pointed @PichiRayLewis.

“If they pay us 500 million and we keep both of them, it still seems to me that they are kidding us,” added @Gharbito. Just an example