The hilarious request of the modest Racing Guide

The mess caused by the positives of the Fuenlabrada and all the news that has derived from them happen day by day. However, there are those who have wanted to joke about the situation and have ironized the requests that Numancia, Deportivo and Fuenlabrada himself have presented to the competent authorities to try to achieve their objectives; the permanence of some by expanding to 24 teams and the dispute of a match that can lead the Madrid team to qualify for the promotion playoff.

The modest Racing Guide from Gijón, who plays Regional Preferente, published a delirious official statement that has gone viral. Taking advantage of the troubled moment, the Asturian club demands his promotion to Second.

“OFFICIAL NOTICE. We ask for our promotion to La Liga Smartbank and expand it to 180 teams for good. In addition to the upgrade, we also require a pair of cider boxes per head and several pregnant buns to withstand the pressure. (If it filters, it filters …) ”, wrote the modest club in its official Twitter account.

The post already has more than 11,000 likes and has been shared more than 4,300 times.