The hilarious mischief of Morata’s children when they think nobody sees them

The model Alice campello, who has more than 2.4 million followers on social networks, has taken to his Instagram profile to share a funny video in which his two oldest children appear, Alessandro and Leonardo, doing one of his notorious antics.

“During the siesta this afternoon … What should I do?”, The Italian was limited to writing next to the images in which you can see how the little ones escape from their cribs, turn on the light in their room and return to get into bed as if nothing had happened.

As expected, the snapshots have gone viral and already have more than 726 thousand reproductions. Among the most prominent reactions we find that of Tamara Gorro and Marta Carriedo who do not give credit to the video.

“I dont believe it! And go to bed together please … “, wrote the‘ influencer ’in the comments section of the‘ post ’.

On the other hand, Alice He also wanted to share some tender captures of his youngest son, Edoardo, next to which he wrote: “Who do you think he looks like?”