The hilarious joke of Diego Costa

A few hours ago Diego Costa shared an image of himself on his social networks training with his hometown local team, the Lagarto FC
. The player is waiting to find a team after terminating his contract with him Atlético de Madrid. Well, a few hours later, he returned to show his most hooligan image in a fun video that he showed on his instagram account.

The screenshot of your storie

In the story, he is seen throwing a small ball into the air for a person to try to catch with the back of his neck. After two attempts in which he falls, in the third, instead of throwing the ball at him, he throws an egg that explodes on his head. Something that does not do anything funny to Costa’s friend who starts a career after the player …

Meanwhile, Diego Costa still waiting for your next destination as a player. Let us remember that Atlético de Madrid He requested the termination of his contract, alleging personal issues that have not yet transpired to this day.