The hero Tom Cruise: the day he saved an actress from being beheaded in the middle of filming

If this tuesday news broke that Tom Cruise (58 years old)
rescued from an accident
almost certainly to one of the camera operators while filming a scene on the roof of a moving train for the movie ‘Mission: Impossible 7’, now an episode has come to light that almost ended in tragedy.

Camera operator Bill Bennett has told a Tom Cruise anecdote. One of those superhero stories. Apparently, andl American actor saved Elizabeth Shue’s life, of being beheaded by the propeller of a helicopter during the shooting of the film ‘Cocktail’, released in 1987.

“We were filming the scene from a helicopter, where they were riding horses on the beach, ”Bennett wrote in his post after the news in‘ The Sun ’newspaper. “After a couple of takes the pilot would land the helicopter on the beach, and Tom and Elisabeth would come to see the recordings of the takes. The only monitor was in the front left seat ”, he continued explaining his story.

Bennett details that the tail rotor at the rear of the helicopter p

toit is invisible when it rotates
. “It is a totally prohibited area when working near these aircraft. “If you enter it, it will kill you when urged”, he recounted.

After the actors saw a scene replay on the monitor, “Shue, very excited, ran out to the back of the helicopter.” At that time, CRuise noticed where her partner was heading, so he reacted quickly. “He pounced on her, but could only grab her legs, knocking her to the ground… At that moment she turned white, and he pushed her toward the front of the helicopter. All of us in the helicopter were left shaking, but there was nothing to say. Tom, in that instant, really saved his life. “.

The details of this episode occurred 34 years ago when security procedures were not so strict. As explained in NME, the publication was seen by the writer Mike Timm, who was sent to the director of ‘Mission Impossible’, and both confirmed the facts.