The heartbreaking story of Antonia Dell’Atte: ‘Alessandro Lequio hit me pregnant’

This Wednesday a new chapter will open in the conflict between Antonia Dell’Atte, Alessandro Lequio and, more recently, Ana Obregon. The former Italian model has given an interview to the magazine ‘Lecturas’ in which she talks about the assumptions bad treatments who would have suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and legal actions to be taken against the actress after she accused her of falsifying the complaint for mistreatment. “Hit me pregnant”, Confesses Dell’Atte in the interview that will come out tomorrow, referring to the collaborator of‘Ana Rosa’s program‘.

After Rocío Carrasco hinted in her live interview on Telecinco that Alessandro Lequio and Antonio David Flores could be similar, Dell’Atte stepped forward and made public that she had sued her ex-husband after having suffered, according to his testimony, mistreatment. The former Italian model shared on Instagram some photographs of a complaint that he would have filed the collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ in 1991. A lawsuit that Dell’Atte withdrew after, by her own account, Lequio wrote to her a letter apologizing.

The recent publications of the Italian and her statements to the media have caused a lot of stir and, last week, Ana Obregón came out in defense of her son’s father Aless, which exonerates of any responsibility. “I have seen with my own eyes the report of the scientific police that concludes that the complaint of ill-treatment presented by this woman has been falsified. Alessandro has never mistreated me. They have never tried or sentenced him as an abuser“Said the actress on social networks.

Antonia Dell’Atte will file a libel lawsuit against Ana Obregón

A few words that were soon answered, since Dell’Atte announced that it was going to take legal action against Obregón for accusing her of falsifying a complaint. Something that he confirms in the interview with the aforementioned magazine, in which he assures that he will interpose a complaint for slander against the actress. “Ana Obregón has been used for the umpteenth time. He is a victim of Alessandro, he is not free to tell the truth”, Says the Italian.

Why has Ana Obregón spoken if she knows that the certificate [la denuncia] is it authentic? Let him speak! What does she paint?“She also says in the interview,” very angry “according to the magazine itself, which also reveals that Dell’Atte does not intend to tolerate doubting her words, as well as the decision made by the courts and who agreed with her .