The heartbreaking message of Ana Obregón on the first Mother’s Day without Álex Lequio

Mother’s Day is being especially hard for Ana Obregón. The presenter faces her first Mother’s Day without Álex Lequio, who died a year ago after a long fight against cancer.

It is a very special date that has become a real ordeal for her and she has faced it by remembering the last and heartbreaking words of her son.

A) Yes, Ana Obregon He has been very sensitive through his social networks and has shared a heartbreaking letter with all the mothers who in this special moment cannot be enjoying their children. “For all mothers, future mothers and especially mothers who have lost a child,” he begins to write.

After this, the actress narrates an emotional conversation between mother and son. “It is my first mother’s day without you, my son and I would give my life, my complete future, so that you would return,” says Obregón, broken with pain. “I know you would, Mom,” he writes as if he had responded. Alex Lequio. “I cry for you every day,” responds the biologist.

In the same way, collapsed and looking back, Ana Obregón has continued to show the pain she feels after losing her son, the true love of her life. “I know mommy because I collect each of your tears. Mom, you were the first person who loved me and the first person I loved. You were always there when I needed you holding my hand lovingly until the end and you always knew when I needed a hug. I am with you every second, Mom, in your soul and your heart ”, writes Ana.