The harsh statements of Manuel that will destroy Lucia in ‘The Island of Temptations’

Since its first edition was released a year ago, ‘The Island of Temptations‘It has become a television phenomenon that sweeps every gala that is broadcast. Unlike in its first two seasons, this time, Telecinco has chosen to broadcast content one night a week and move the debate to Mondays, where you can see unpublished content.

Along these lines, in the last program, presented by Sandra Barneda, Mediaset once again offered never-before-seen content to the most loyal viewers. And as has become normal in this edition, much of the viewing focused on the couple formed by Manuel and Lucía, two of the great protagonists of the popular format.

It should be remembered that the Andalusian was the first to fall into temptation in Villa Playa. The young man made out, the same night, with Steffany and Fiama, who has he focused on in recent days.

Manuel with Fiama.

In this line, and after seeing what happened, Mari, one of the single women who has come to the program to try to make the boys fall into their networks, did not hesitate to open up to her partner trying to make him open his eyes: “What you have to think, I don’t know if maybe not you have realized is that I think your fault makes you think that you loved her or that you had to show her that you loved her I believe that in your subconscious you knew that you didn’t want her but the guilt of ‘I have hurt her’ made you stay with her ”.

Something that made think Manuel which ended by saying that “I was not in love, that’s the conclusion I have reached. or I don’t consider myself… I was unfaithful to her and screwed up the same way I’ve screwed it up now, but I’ve never behaved badly with her ”, words that will hurt Lucia when they are taught to her at the next bonfire.