The hard joint training of the women of De Jong, Ter Stegen and Arthur

As they say: “What Barcelona brought together, not be separated by distance.” Y Mikky Kiemeney, Daniela Ter Stegen and Patricia Santacreu They seem to have taken it very, very seriously. All three were made inseparable during your stay in Barcelona to accompany your partners.

Now, despite the fact that the Andorran left the Barcelona city for Turin, they have maintained their good ‘feeling’ and they spend time together whenever they get a chance. Good proof of this are the latest ‘stories’ shared by the Dutch in which they can be seen making a hard training together.

They do it together with Exposito, the famous personal trainer. In fact, at his orders we have also been able to see, for example, Katerina Safarova, former Neymar or the former partner of Tucu Correa and former Spain, Desiré Cordero.

“New girl band in town” (new girl of the group in the city), has written the girlfriend of De Jong next to the images, referring to the incorporation of Patricia. And it is that we had already seen in the past days, the one from Amsterdam and the German woman exercising on the beach of Casteldefels.

But not only by sweating we have been able to see them. Also enjoying ‘brunch’ or a simple coffee in your favorite place in Catalonia: ‘The Dome of the Garraf ’. A well-known restaurant among the most VIPs with spectacular views.