‘The guy who has done the most damage to Spanish sports is Florentino Pérez’

Jose Maria Garcia He spoke on Siro López’s Twicht channel. There he analyzed the Super League, spoke of Florentino Pérez and the renewals of Messi and Ramos.

Super league

“For me, a smart guy is one who is aware of his limitations. The limited one has to have advisers, but that they advise him, not that they clean his ass and say yes to everything. I can not understand this. The first tremendous outrage is that Madrid and Barça are not Public Limited Companies. Miguel Ángel Gil can do whatever he wants because he is the majority shareholder ”.


“30 years ago I defined it as the Unión Especuladora Futbol Asociación. They remain the same, they do not have to give an account to anyone. They are a dictatorship. I have never been friends with them, “he said of UEFA. And he added: “I was playing a game with Valencia, I don’t know where and I had to hit a UEFA guy on the head. I was interviewing the Valencia captain and he wouldn’t let me “

Florentino Pérez

“You can’t talk with Florentino, because either you agree with him, or you can’t. The guy who has done the most damage to Spanish sports and journalism is Florentino Pérez ”.


“This has happened to me with Ricardinho. I have to look at the box. There was a moment when I had to look, and when Ricardinho came to me that they gave me more, I told him the door. Supply or demand law. This is what it is, take it or leave it. They don’t have to get angry. “

Sergio Ramos

“I don’t understand anything about Florentino, and I prefer not to understand him. In the case of Ramos there would be many things to tell. Ramos with other players faced Florentino. I don’t have to renew Ramos, I show him the offer and that’s it. It is surprising that a player who charges what he charges does not go down by 10% ”.